Sunday, April 29, 2012


So I FINALLY scanned in some of my collages, after a few days of procrastination. One was too big to scan in, and unfortunately it was my best one. boo-hoo.

Yes, she is saying her bowtie is a camera.

How was your weekend? It's almost over. MEH. I've biked, sat in my room, watched CSI:NY and failed at doing Tavi's beehive. My hair is wayyy to thick and curly, and I can't have bangs or else they'll split in the center. Fortunately, my mother was a child of the 60's and she tried to do a french roll type thing on the back of my head. It kind of reminds me of the women in The Help. Anyways, I shall keep you informed of my hair escapade and show you when I succeed. I got really cute earrings yesterday! They are silver bows with yellow gems in them with a tiny yellow heart hanging off the center! They are very spring like. I have also been making things. I made a pair of in an aeroplane over the sea earrings (header pic) and a cool vintage-y black necklace. I'll show you later. Next time. I promise, children. (ya I know I'm weeiiird.)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's very cold out. Too cold. My fingers are numb from taking pictures and spending a while outdoors with a flimsy cardigan and no gloves. You: WOW MAREN YOU COMPLAIN A LOT! Me: YES I KNOW! AHH well. I am ok now. Anyways, I (obviously ) went outside and took some photos in my backyard. I think they turned out quite well. Here they are!
Cardigan-Mom  Shirt-hand me down  Dress (worn as skirt)- Topshop  Shoes-Brash 

I know it looks like I'm not wearing a skirt or pants in this one, but TRUST me, I am !

I am planning a post soon about my collages! I just have to get around to scanning them in. I don't have any homework. Maybe I'll go do that after dinner. I will. I probably won't. I am a HUGE procrastinator.



Friday, April 20, 2012

Said the Optimistic Feminist

Hello there! I haven't really had time to post this week, in between french tests, piano and NCIS. (love that show....) Today I went to the library with my friend. There was this awesome stereotypical old man working there who really needed a hearing aid and took like 5 minutes to type my name into the computer! It was kind of cute though. In an old man sort of way. After that I walked home whilst listening to the Juno soundtrack. I like the music because it is kind of airy sounding and sweet. It was perfect, because in the background I could hear some birds singing above me! It was really pretty and just added to the whole soundtrack.  Anyways, I got home and took some pictures of what I wore today! Ta-da!

Cardigan- Dynamite  Top- hand-me-down  Skirt-American Apparel  Tights-Target  Shoes-Converse 

Polka dot tights!!! Yes I know I have an ugly carpet...
I love this outfit, it's so comfy. My jacket I call my Lindsay Weir jacket because it's kind of like her army jacket, except mine's thinner and beige. It's really nice and soft, and I like how it's kind of baggy. I got those Converse when I was down in the States, and they were on sale for 20 bucks! They're a size too big, but whatever. I just lace them up really tight. Ya. Um. Sooo. Bye!


Monday, April 16, 2012

The Most Awesome things EVER to be Worn!!!

HIHIHI! I am sooo excited now because on Saturday I went shopping with my cousin and we hit some thrift stores and I got a new top and she gave me a whole bunch of cool clothes that don't fit her anymore! It was really fun! BUT the MOST awesome thing was that we popped into Forever21 AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND????? The most AMAZING bell bottom jeans IN THE WORLD! Observe their amazingness in awe/<Mik ahh franny stop stepping on my laptop....
THEY ARE SOO COOL! sorry the pic won't flip!growly.

They have the cutest little anchor buttons!

Here is one of my cousin's tops she gave me! It's dandelions!
Yes, they are quite amazing, aren't they? I TOLD YOU THEY WERE COOL! Anyways, I really must get to schoolio now....UGH.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Room Tour!

Hey people! This is my room!

Here is everything..........

I call this my DIY wall because I made most of the stuff on there, like the collages.

My bed...

Poster wall, mostly covered in pages from Teen Vogue

My bookcase, chair and fishes

This one won't flip..But on the 1st shelf there's some old stuff, the 2nd old books, the 3rd more old stuff and on the bottom my calligraphy pens and ink.

My desk

My awesome Marilyn Monroe poster...WHICH WON"T FLIP!!!!!

My gorgy closet
Wall shrine to Hole, money and a little Hole sign with bows in the top left corner

 That is all.....Goodbye.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

I want blue hair

HI happy Easter! I really want blue hair. My hairdresser says it'll ruin my hair and turn it an ugly copper colour. :( Fortunately, she can get extensions :) that are blue! YAY! I'm happy now. I still wish I could have done my WHOLE head, but I'm still happy about the extensions! I'm getting them later this month! Anyways, this is what I wore yesterday. Right now I'm in yoga pants and a sweater. I also am really hyper from eating chocolate ducks and eggs and bunnies! YAAAAAAAAAAAA! Sorry. It's the candy speaking. ON with the outfits.

Top-Thrifted  Romper-Forever 21 Tights- NO IDEA Booties-  Aldo
 I edited this photo on pic monkey. It's exactly like picnik! I love this picture. It makes me feel happy, even though it's pooky and windy and gray outside. It shows a little more of my room in this one.

Da booties

I love the pattern on this Romper!

I was going to do a room tour today, but all my sheets are in the wash and my bed is rather boring and white looking now. Sometime this week, I promise. Have a good rest of  Easter holidays!!!!


Friday, April 6, 2012


I found these cool shoes in my basement. I think they were my Great-Grandmother's! They're a little ripped up and torn, but I still love them!

Excuse my messy room.......

I LOVE the heel!

Happy Easter!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gumdrops in Paradise

Urgh. Hi. This is going to be a very short post because I am feeling lazy. Also, I am sad. Last day of spring break before school starts again. Oh well. I'll make the most of it. I'll EMBRACE it. Maybe not. OK, probably not. Anyways, I have to show you my FAVOURITE lipstick in the WHOLE wide world. (besides the lilac lime crime, but I can't find it anywhere but the Internet and I really don't want to order it.) This is the closest I could find. It's by Revlon, and it's a lip butter. The name is Gumdrop. I am almost out of it, though. :(
It's lighter, but the picture makes it look dark

And it comes in the cutest little tube!
That is all for now. Goody-bye!


OH OH GUESS WHO SAW THE HUNGER GAMES YESTERDAY????? ME! I painted my nails red and orange for the fire look. And I wore mocking jay earrings.