Friday, February 22, 2013

One Afternoon I Knew I Could Love You

Top-Gift  skirt-American Apparel  tights-Joe  shoes-thrifted

I got this shirt as a gift, and it has awesome pictures on it. This one is bunnies having a tea party.

Unicorns and balloons

Dolphins, puppies and a rainbow

Kittens on a swing.

Jacket & Skirt are both thrifted, top is Cat Power, tights are Joe. I wore my docs.


Bowie pin, burger and person dancing.

I have been making pins a lot recently and I got a badge maker from my cousin. Top: Cat Power, Ice Cream, sparkly heart. Center: I didn't make this one, it was a gift, Arcade Fire, Ramones. Bottom: Lightning bolt, Riot Grrl, rose.

And I just thought I'd let you know I just finished this very excellent book by Miranda July. They are short stories, and I love her writing style so much. It's just so truthful and easy to read. She never uses quotation marks, either which is kind of cool. I think all of these stories were beautiful. Usually I read short stories and end up not liking a few, but I loved all of her stories! I would recommend it! I have also put it on my book list.
King Of Carrot Flowers, Part One. Neutral Milk Hotel

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Room Tour/50th Post!

So , I did a room tour last year, (urgh, I just looked at my room last year, it's really boring) But my room changed a lot, so I've decided to do another one.

Everything, the view from my door.

wall next to the door



My art area that almost always looks like this, or messier.

My "collage wall"

view from my window

Bookshelf (I have more books, but I put them downstairs because it got too cluttered. If you want to see some of my favourite books, go here!

My meagre record collection-in the box there are a whole bunch of 45s from my mum's childhood!

Colour-coded books, of course.

My little tower thingy
CDs- Cat Power, Ramones, Arcade Fire, The Smiths, Oh My Darling

DVDs-Royal Tenenbaums, Ghost World, Juno, Marie Antoinette, the Graduate, Monty Python, Grease, the Devil Wears Prada. I have Parks and Rec, but it is in  a constant position of in the DVD player and both seasons are in the living room. My dad and I love it.

My little babies

Courtney & Kurt, my Gouramies.

Sid, my bottom feeder. I have no idea where 'Sid' came from. I have more fish, but they like to hide in the leaves.

Messy dresser

Record player

Desk, with clothes in a permanent state of draped over the chair


Extremely messy desk

Twiggy/Bowie/Space wall

Pullout from the Royal Tenenbaums DVD

Messy Closet
Thanks for reading! And by the way, this is my 50th post! Yay!!! My blogiversary is coming up soon too, so don't forget to VOTE ON MY POLL!!! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some art stuff....

Collage thingy in spirit of Valentines. Blergh I feel lonely.

Quite an old collage

barrettes in space!

Another collage, which should be the other way. Sorry.

Rather messy watercolour

sketch from the summer

sketch from the fall

and another sketch.
So far I've had a pretty nice week! Even though we have had lots of assignments.
 Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I just had exams and now I have assignments like crazy. My next post is a VIP( very important post) in my opinion anyways, so stay tuned. Not really important, but interesting.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Does the moon play only silver when it strums the galaxy

Top and tights- Urban outfitters  skirt-thrifted  shoes-Docs

I love this shirt SO much. IT HAS A NEBULA ON IT, PEOPLE.


My new Frida poster!
 So last week my parents went to Toronto, and my mom picked up a few things at Urban Outfitters for me :) because we don't have one in Winnipeg. They also went to the art gallery, and got me a Frida poster! It is so awesome! I love her flowers and outfit.

I decided to become more ~organized~ (hahahaahahahhahahahaha-me, organized???) So I have my barrettes in my Smiths jar.

And pins in a box

And lipsticks and stuff in a box.

And sunglasses and bows in a box.

Me getting bored while studying for exams (blergh)

My cat lookin' a little evil.
 I just finished reading Joan Didion's book, Slouching Towards Bethlehem. It is so good and I would recommend it to everyone. It has essays that she wrote in the 60s. She is such an amazing writer. I'm also looking for some new books to read, so what are some books you like that you think I would like too?

I've been getting a few comments about UO and some kinds of the t-shirts they make, and I agree that it's absolutely awful. I'll tell you that I only own about 4 pieces of clothing from there, and will no longer be giving them business. Thank you all for bringing this to my attention. I knew about this issue before, but I never really knew how awful some of their things were.