Sunday, December 1, 2013

in spite of real distance we'll always be close

Keaton Henson-Sarah Minor
dress is thrifted, tights are target I think, top was a gift and shoes are thrifted

It snowed here.

My plants, Suzy, Sam, Eleanor, Kimya, Margaux. 




some stuff I like

I made an art video you should watch it if you have the patience/want to

Super sorry for the lack of posting, I've been really busy lately with school and work and stuff and ugh. I'm really happy it's December though because it's almost Christmas which means the school year is almost half over. I've made some new friends at school and also over the internet (you babes know who you are) so I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment. I just wish school would stop and I could have more time to do art and read and such. 
-Maren :)